Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vintage Ornaments

One of my favourite things to pull out at Christmas is my Vintage Ornament Collection. I've been picking them up now for several years, whenever I see them cheap enough at antique shops and flea markets. One year I should have enough to fill the whole tree! Meanwhile, I enjoy them piled up in my covered cake plate.
The patina on some of them is just beautiful...colours that certainly couldn't be replicated, I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

Ok- I have decided to start a collection of my own - so far I have started with shades of pink - I am hoping that I can mix them in with what I have going on my tree now. We'll see. If not, I may have to steal your pedestal cake stand idea:)So cute. Darlene

Yummers! said...

What a great collection! They are so beautiful and the ornaments I remember as a child. My Aunt had a tree with the most beautiful ornaments. She offered them to me thru my mom before she died. My mom didn't think I'd want them. I could cry!