Thursday, December 4, 2008

I was inspired by Ali Edwards and her idea of the "December Daily". It's a journal of the 25 days leading up to Christmas, and all the exciting things that happen....even if it is just an ordinary day. What a great way to remember all the little special moments that happen, then are forgotten.
Ali advises that you create the album itself before the business of Christmas starts. The take you pictures, print and then just add them to your book...a work in progress. I'm hoping to keep up with each stay tuned!
I made the book itself from board, which I started cutting 6" x 12" . Some pages are only half that size, just to add some variety. Although all the pages I have numbered already, I may add some other pages inbetween if I need more space for one day. I may also punch some Christmas cards we receive and add those as well.
Sorry this post is all over the place....I keep having this problem when I am adding mulitple photos! If any ov you "bloggers" out there know how to fix that...I would love your help!
Thanks for stopping by!

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