Monday, December 1, 2008

Glass Ornaments

Been working on my Christmas ornaments!

The boys found me working on these one day and decided they wanted to play too. So everyone made a variety for our tree, and to give away this Christmas. Theirs were full of snow and beads and snowflakes and just about anything they could fit in there! I'll have to post some of theirs....or maybe you'll be one of the lucky receivers! LOL

It's hard to see in this pic, but inside the glass ball are curled up pieces of coordinating papers. A little time consuming, but I love the look. On the outside I used rub ons, which were a bit tricky....a flat rub on...a rounded surface!

I saw the idea for these on the 2 peas in a bucket site: http://

And some cute monogrammed ornaments from Ali Edwards site: http://

I hope you are all having fun creating for Christmas! Give these a shot...quick and easy fun.


Anonymous said...

You are so talented. I wish I had the patients to do some crafty stuff.

alexandra said...

Hi Sheena!
Thanks for visiting my blog - and thanks for your sweet words about my twins!
I love these ornaments - I was inspired by Ali as well but I keep hesitating to try it. I just might have to buy some supplies next time I'm at Michael's!!
Thanks for sharing!