Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good finds...

We took a quick jaunt to the 400 Flea Market yesterday. I left the boys in the market and headed for the much more exciting antique section. I never get tired of looking at antiques...and the inventory seemed quite different from the last time I was there.
Here's what I found...
A beautiful old English soap dish, which will probably end up being used for everything but soap! I can just see it crashing down into the sink when one of the boys grabs for the bar!
Next I found another set of S&P shakers with button tops...those are the only variety I go for. I think that makes for 8 pairs now. They are a little tricky to find. In all my antiquing in Pennsylvania, I have never seen a pair...they must be English as well. is quite amazing how a few little old things can make a girls to happy!
Happy Sunday everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Cute.Wish I was there - we should go to Newmarket sometime.Darlene