Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two cute things I found online today. I love this patchwork piece framed. I like the saying, but I especially love the colours!

I don't think I've ever known anyone that has a bundt pan collection....have you? It's one of those collections that would be hard to display, since the pans are usually kinda awkward. This is a great solutions with all the deep shelves. I think what I really like about this is all the slight variances in colour.
I wonder if she uses them?
I wonder what her husband thinks of her collection?


Anonymous said...

OK - I want to make the patchwork piece for Christmas gifts next year - I think that it would look best made from recycled suiting fabric from old clothes - what do you think? Maybe we could do a scripture verse. darlene

Sheena Richmond said...

K...now all my family know what they are getting!
Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Well you did post this on a public forum - for all I know my family is also reading:)Darlene