Monday, March 30, 2009


Over the March Break we took a little trip to China Town in Toronto. My Father in laws new wife has just arrived from China and we thought she might like a little bit of home....and she did! She was finally able to find some of the cooking items she wasn't able to find anywhere else.
It's such an interesting place. You know you're there when you see wall to wall signage! Lots of street shopping and fresh fruit and veggie markets.

My boys could not get over the selection of weird and wonderful things Asian people eat! I must say, it was a little stinky in there!

Cow feet anyone? Do you know where those feet have been???

This was a very cool market with every dish and piece of kitchen equipment you could imagine.
I'm thinking one of these hats would be all I would need on a rainy day....would certainly save the hair!

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