Friday, August 7, 2009

Patchwork Handbag

I’ve really been enjoying  putting my sewing machine to use recently…handbags specifically.

I picked up this great book by Amy Butler called In Stitches. She has some fabulous ideas for all around the home. She gives great, thorough  instructions with pictures for each project…patterns included.  Everything I’ve tried with her patterns has turned out very well.

So this is her patchwork handbag. All the pieces are cut out, sandwiched and quilted before you put the bag together. Was a bit time consuming, but the outcome was great...what do you think?



PDRM1890 PDRM1898

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Anonymous said...

I love it - I need to get some time to get back to my sewing machine - I always have more ideas than time it seems - Darlene