Friday, June 12, 2009


I've been following several blogs of those that have traveled to Spokane Washington to either go to or be in the Farm Chicks show. I think I've mentioned the Farm Chicks before. They put on shows in the northwest a couple of times a year, have a great website and store as well. I believe they have written books and I have seen them recently in Country Living. It's the kind of thing I would love to visit if they were just a little bit closer.
Anyway, Camp Whimsy put out a blog post suggesting where to go and what to see while in Spokane. This pic is from an awesome looking place called Chaps. I'm LOVING this buffet painted pink and really roughed up! I think somewhere I'm going to have to start a pink room...I have seen so many cute things lately.

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Kim G. said...

Chaps is wonderful, a really beautiful place, and if you ever stay in Spokane it best be at the Davenport! Love that pink chest too, don't think I'm able to do pink in my home but certainly aqua or green might fly!