Saturday, May 30, 2009

Junkin' With Darlene...

Darlene and I had a ton of fun junking on Friday. So many times we have driven up Hwy 11 and passed right by several "junk shops". So we reserved friday to head up to check them out. And junk shops they were! I don't think I've ever seen so much stuff piled into one place...and not many treasure amongst the junk either! Darlene found this Parchessi board and we thought it was vintagey looking so she picked it up for $1.

The trunk starts to fill up!

This place was recommended to us by one of the dealers we stopped to see near Coldwater. The shops were in a few units of a storage business in Midland. We would never have know it was there otherwise. Each shop was very tiny, but packed full of stuff...and our kind of stuff! Very friendly owners too. I picked up some vintage linens...napkins, table cloths and runners. An old laundry holder on wheels...have never seen one before. An office wire paper organizer, an old emamel pot to plant up with somer geraniums on the back patio.
Darlene found a great green enamel pot and a cute green and white check serving plate.

This place totally cracked us up. Looked up the Beverley Hillbillies first home....before Beverley Hills! It was packed inside with furniture and all kinds of interesting odds and sodds.
The only thing I picked up here was an old boiler pot...painted blue.

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Anonymous said...

Every time I look at these pictures, they make me smile. It was so much fun spending the day exploring with you. Can't wait until our next excellent adventure.