Friday, June 4, 2010

The Buzzing of the Sewing Machine...

PDRM0306 PDRM0307

There's been a little bitta sewing going on around here...just a little. No big projects or anything too difficult. These were just readymade tea towels that I embellished to go with my kitchen using scraps I had.


This really cool girl I know inspired me with this idea. Do you have any of those off white canvas bags laying around that you may have been given ....sometimes a marketing promotion? If you don't, you can pick them up at the thrift shops. They make excellent bases for a brand new, more beautiful bag. Because of their sturdy construction, they make perfect book bags or beach bags, depending on the size. You can simply create a "slipcover" to fit just over it and stitch around the easy is that?


I LOVE blue and white....and I LOVE stripes so this one is my fav so far. Its made from a man's dress shirt!


Anonymous said...

Love them - Darlene

Amanda said...

I love using ever last piece of fabric I have. This is a great way to do that! Thanks for stopping by my blog- Yes. I do feel like the most blessed girl to be manager of the Farm Chicks store. Hopefully you can make it up sometime.

Leslie said...

I love your blog. I am not sure how I arrived here but you can be sure I will be back. I love the idea of doing a slipcover for a tote. I am in Spokane too. I would love for you drop by my blog if you like. Leslie