Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas Card Sneak Peak.


I’ve been VERY slowly trying to get my Christmas cards going.  I even enjoyed a wonderful night at a B&B with girlfriends to work on them. But you can only accomplish so much with so many other wonderful distractions (shopping, chatting, hot- tubbing). So I’ve come home with lots of work yet to do!

This year I’m trying not to buy anything new. I have a great collection of wonderful papers. And I have lots of stamps too. So instead of doing them all the same, I think I’ll have quite a variety. Here are a few I’ve done so far:








Grace of Gracenotes4Today said...

These are great, Sheena. I like the idea of making each one different and unique. I think that's part of the fun... thinking of the recipient while you design something. That's how I like to do it, anyway. Now, if I could only speed up the process! I love cardmaking.

Sheena Richmond said...

Thanks Grace. Yes...we do it because we love it...not because it's faster or cheaper!