Monday, October 5, 2009

Got Books?

After being asked to speak about "Living well On Less" to a Womens Ministry Group this past weekend, my partner in crime, Darlene, started experimenting with book folding. Her results were amazing...I wish I had the book she folded to show you....but you can trust was good! She said it took her about 2 hours (infront of the TV kinda thing!) and I think that was with two folds on each page.
I've found a few more images reflecting the various things you can do with old books. It would be the perfect thing to do with any old books you might have around that are damaged.
One of these pictures shows them hanging...looks amazing in groups. Darlene's looked great just sitting open on a table. And I think they might look kinda cool hanging on the way with a plate hanger!
My other thought was how kid friendly this could be...I think my boys would enjoy it. you know what I'm up to this week.


Anonymous said...

that last one looks awesome - but maybe out of my talent range - yikes - another way I saw them used was as pedestals for plates of cookies and christmas goodies

Sheena Richmond said...

That's a great idea!
ya...a little out of my range I think too!