Monday, September 28, 2009

A little bitta fall.

If I don't think too hard about what is to follow, I think Fall is my favourite time of year.
I love that we're back into a routine. I love the cooler temperatures (although that pretty much describes our entire summer).
I love the colours of fall and all the great natural things for decorating. I've done the flowers for several fall weddings and they are much variety.

I had fun making these caramel, chocolate, skor bar apples last week. We handed them out at Sam's birthday party...and they were a hit. I couldn't help but think about how great these would be at Christmas too. So simple...roll in melted caramels (unwrapping them is a real treat!), when cooled, roll in melted chocolate chips. While still warm, roll in skor bar chips, or oreo crumbs, or nuts....mmmmm.

With the abundance of tomatoes from the garden this year I tried my hand at canning. I have never done it before. We all really love salsa here so that's what I and mild.
Turned out great...especially the hot!

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