Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Women are like buttons....they hold things together!

Okay....for all you button collectors, and you know who I am talking about, isn't this a great idea? If I had a button collection like some other people I know, I think I would be making these for everyone. Easy enough that the kids could do them too. I think what I really like about it is the way the colours are put together. Reds, browns and greens....all in different shades. Love it!


dscott said...

You're right, I could probably make a dozen, or so, of these and still have zillions of buttons

Barbara said...

Hey, I could make a big one for decorating, then reuse my buttons for other projects after Christmas. Better yet, make a styrofoam bulletin board & I'd be able to see the buttons I need or post a message with them!